We the People

Addressing the State of our Union

Winter 2017 vol 2, issue 1

Welcome to Turning Point! Our name echoes the widespread recognition that our world, and our humanity, has arrived at a pivotal turning point in evolutionary history.

In this special edition of Turning Point— devoted to specific current events rather than to the more over-arching themes that a periodical of this sort is suited to address—we offer a collection of responses from our CEN community to their post-election experience. Most were drafted weeks ago and are simply offered as markers of felt experience along the way. We are living now beyond the impact moment of the recent election, yet its reverberations continue. Perhaps we could best use the occasion of the Presidential Inauguration to reflect on who/what we’ve each elected to govern our own minds and hearts these past couple of months. And stand, with quivering stability, to inaugurate or reaffirm our embracement of the oath that brought us into life in the first place.

Remembering as well, this is no time to leave our youthfulness behind! Bring your own entertainment to this Inauguration Day—a song, a dance, a poem, even if barely whispered, can go a long way toward breathing life into what we care most about.

May we act in Beauty, act from Inspiration, act Together…

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