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My Transformative Journey into Subtle Activism

by John C. Robinson This is a story of metanoia, of a profound shift of mind, heart and soul long overdue in my life, and of the deep psychological, spiritual and mystical work Spirit asks us to do in the New Aging. In 2000, I was a clinical psychologist in a busy private practice in… Read more


Emerging as an Elder-Activist

by Lynne Iser With the birth of my son, 35 years ago, I felt a new sense of responsibility. Not just to keep him safe, clean and well fed—but to insure that he had a decent and kind world in which to live. That insight gave me a wider perspective in which to view my… Read more


Becoming a Whole Activist

by David “Lucky” Goff As I have grown older I have noticed that my consciousness has been altered by the accumulation of years, experiences, hardships, and the proximity of death. Losses and gains have piled up and rebalanced the scale of my awareness. This has caused me to rethink many things, and to make choices… Read more