Welcome to Turning Point!

Welcome to the premier issue of Turning Point. Our name echoes the widespread recognition that our world, and our humanity, is at a pivotal turning point in evolutionary history. Turning Point’s vision is commensurate with that of the Conscious Elders Network, which is to reclaim “the time-honored role of elders in service to their communities” envisioning “a multi-ethnic, multi-faith, intergenerational, interdependent society founded on respect for the inherent rights of all living beings on a healthy planet, with an equal-opportunity economy and a peace-centered culture.” The literary arm of CEN’s multifaceted expression begins here.


Three values guide us forward. We recognize beauty as profoundly regenerative and profoundly lacking in the eclipsed attention span of our modern culture. We look to craft an esthetically engaging journal that speaks to both our minds and our hearts.

Our intention is to bring forth information and points of view in ways that focus on praising what we love, accountable to both our grief and hope in witnessing human and planetary suffering, and responsible in our envisioning of a future worthy of generations to come.

Turning points in history also call for action, toward what some are calling Conscious or Sacred Activism. Deep reflection and sincere dialogue long to find fulfillment in inspired action, large or small, visible or subtle. Our deepest faith lies in the collective power of many individuals working together in whatever part of the world we each are able to touch.

Please imagine this journal essentially as a forum for inspired conversation around how we might best envision and care for our world—and each article, simply a means to begin a conversation. Conversation that calls us to see beyond our own time yet act on behalf of the love that wants to live though us, now. To this end, each article finishes with an invitation to add your reflections and comments, which welcomes respectful dialogue and further resource sharing on the topics brought forth. Please consider adding your voice to this common endeavor.

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Initiatives such as this are always the work of many hands and hearts. We wish to thank our Desktop Publishing Team and contributors: Sue Sorensen, (online editor), Deirdre Nemmers, Pamela Campbell, Raines Cohen, and Ed Jones; and our inaugural issue authors: Molly Brown, Joanna Macy, Paul Severance, Will Wilkinson, and Kathleen Schomaker. Thanks also to the too-numerous-to-name group of writers and advisors within the CEN community who offered feedback on our initial design.

We are newborn in this endeavor with dreams for both artistic and literary expansion and
inter-generational outreach—and we look forward to your feedback to help us grow.

May we act in Beauty, act from Inspiration, act Together…

Turning Point Editorial Board

Joseph Jastrab, Editor-in-chief, Mike Abkin, Pat Hoertdoerfer, Susan Prince, and John Sorensen.